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Electric Vehicle Service

At EV Parts & Service, we offer a wide range of services aimed at keeping EV owners on the road and educated about their cars for a fulfilling electric driving experience

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  • Battery Repair & Replacement

    The Tesla Model S and Model X have had many iterations of battery technology applied to the high -voltage system over the years. In the earlier models, we see several different problems come up that can limit performance or leave you stranded. At EVPS, we offer comprehensive diagnostics to isolate and address any issues found in your high-voltage battery. While Tesla wants to replace the entire pack, that is costly and avoidable in most cases. Many common fixes include:

    • Diagnostic, removal + replacement of damaged modules
    • Repair or replace unresponsive BMS board
    • High-voltage contactor relay removal + replacement
    • Pyro-fuse replacement

  • Battery Replacement + Upgrade

    • Sometimes a full replacement of the battery pack is unavoidable. We have the facilities for all services in regards to removal and replacement of the HV battery pack on all Tesla vehicles.
    • If you are ever tired of the range on your 60-75kW Model S or X and want more information on what is involved in upgrading the capacity of your battery pack to one of the 85-100kW options, please reach out and we can provide details on our upgrade and programming services!
  • Drive Unit Rebuild, Repair & Replacement

    The Tesla large drive unit (found in 2012-2019 vehicles) was prone to failures that require replacement of the unit. We can diagnose different failures to accurately approach a rebuild or replacement job. Having these issues addressed and repaired by EVPS can be a cost-effective way to keep your Model S or X performing at a high level for years to come. Many common fixes include:

    • Coolant leak damage repair/rebuild
    • Motor bearings + seals replacement
    • Stator core sleeving (for worn stators)
    • Drive unit replacement + reprogramming

  • Door Handle & Window Regulator Replacement

    • The Tesla Model S door handle has been almost a guaranteed failure since its inception in 2012. We offer replacement services with options for either a quality used OEM replacement or a new handle assembly ordered direct from Tesla
    • The design of the window regulators in Tesla Model S and Model X caused several issues that require a replacement. We offer replacement services with options for either a quality used OEM component or a new regulator assembly ordered direct from Tesla
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  • Revolt Systems Tesla Large Drive Unit (LDU) Coolant Bypass Kit “The Achilles Seal Fix"

    EVPS is a certified installer for the Revolt Systems coolant bypass kit.

    Words from our friends at Revolt: "This coolant bypass kit prevents the notorious issue of the rotor seal failing and flooding the drive unit, leading to catastrophic failure. If this happens, your entire motor and inverter can be destroyed, leading to an extremely costly repair. We have developed this kit to route the coolant away from the area where the factory seal is prone to fail.

    In the many years of experience we have with Tesla motors, we have seen a tremendous uptick in failed seals and damaged drive units. We have developed this kit for all of our systems and have now extended it to the public to save Tesla owners from costly damage."

    Please note that this is only for cars that are no longer under the manufacturer's warranty; this will void your factory warranty.

    Please watch this Youtube Video for more information.

  • Reduction Gear & Coolant System Flush

    • Motors run better and more efficiently with fresh gear oil - this is a tale as old as time. Teslas and EVs are no different. We offer oil change services for all EV's. We provide the highest quality Dexron VI for the reduction gear cases on Model S, X, 3, Y and Cybertruck vehicles. Fresh fluid will rejuvinate your drive unit and can help prevent major failures down the line.
    • The same can be said for your coolant system. A refresh of the coolant is recommended to maintain proper thermal management and avoid corrosion of your components. We offer a full system coolant flush.
  • Leaking MCU & Cluster Repair

    The MCU (media control unit) and instrument cluster are prone to delaminating, which leaves a sticky residue all over your dash and causes large bubbles to form in between the glass panels of your screens. We offer service replacing these delaminated units with quality re-certified OEM parts. Reach out today and we can get those displays back to like-new condition!

  • Brake Pad & Rotor Service

    We offer services replacing brake pads & rotors for your EV.

    Regenerative braking helps brake compnonents last much longer on EVs compared to ICE vehicles, but they still need to be done from time to time.

    If you feel your brakes need service, reach out to EVPS today and we can quote you service costs for replacement using OEM components or aftermarket components of your choosing.

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Let EVPS help keep your EV on the road!

If you need a service we do not have listed on this page, please reach out. There is a high likelyhood we can take care of you, and if we cannot, we are plugged in with the best shops in the industry.

We understand the difficulties present in the EV service market and we are here to offer any services we can in this transition to electric.

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